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Elements Yoga and Wellness  is a sanctuary for your body, mind and soul.   Set in a tranquil, retreat-like environment; Elements provides  personal healing options and education that renews spirit, increases a sense of wellbeing, and inspires creativity.   A local getaway from everyday life; come explore natural approaches toward living well through mind-body practices.  

Services include:  Yoga, Meditation, and  Breath Work; Mindfulness and Yoga Education for Children, Educators & Caregivers; Herbal and Essential Oil Consultations and Sales; Sessions for Energy-work and Reiki.   For those seeking a retreat to explore creative processes, host a workshop or spend time in reflective solitude; Elements offers two spaces for the rental and day retreats.  All sessions are guided by an intention of personalized wellness through meeting clients where they are currently at physically, mentally and emotionally.   Each student is treated as an individual and therefor most classes are open to students of all levels and experience, with the understanding that throughout the span of life our personal health, sense of wellbeing and physical level of abilities often fluctuates.  An experienced yoga instructor, Nadine has practiced yoga for 25 years and taught for the past 15 years,  developing in that time the skill and compassion to provide each student in a group setting  with a supportive and unique experience that meets the varied needs, experience levels and abilities within the class!   In addition, Yoga and Meditation students are supported by guidance in personal modifications and the use yoga props, verbal cues, intuition and breathing so that each session becomes an exploration of self-awareness and an unfolding of peace and well-being.   

Begin your journey today... Breathe, Move and BE!  


➤ studio LOCATION

806 Logan Road, Warren PA  16365


Nadine Westover, Wellness Educator & Owner(814)706-6121 nadine.westover@gmail.com  

➤ Class Rates:                      

  • $10 - Drop Ins    
  • $55 - Any 6 Classes
  • $65 - Any 8 Classes
  • $100 -  Any 12 Classes  
  • $ 125 - Any 16 classes
  • Prorated rates available upon request.      

➤ current Class Schedule: here

Printable calendar here

private or custom session rates: 

  • Private Adult Session: $75/1st Session,  $50/Hour Thereafter          
  • $30 / Private Yoga/Breathing Tune-UP
  • Private Family Sessions: $50/1st Session, $25/session thereafter.  
  • The Practice/Clinics: $17
  • Reiki - Donation  - $35 suggested
  • Space Rentals - for hosting a wellness retreat, or to individuals seeking a personal time of solitude, reflection or creative process.
  • The Journey - Seva Donation - benefits various causes throughout the year.
  • Corporate, Semi-Private Groups and Parties: ASK for a Quote.